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성별 : 여성
나이 : 14
거주지 : 캐나다
HiMy name is Jasmin and I have a lot of hobbies. I like to draw, listen to music, watch movies sometimes also anime ,read and learn about other countries. I am friendly and funny. I want to speak wit...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 19
거주지 : 인도네시아
I just want to talk moreIf you are carat, come be friends with me My bias is Wonwoo but I always like Horanghae s agenda hahahaha I am a person who talks a lot but I don t have many friends to talk to...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 15
거주지 : 인도
HelloI m Hannah Hazel I m Indian, and I m in India I love going on long trips, and I LOVE listening to music and making new friends I m quite an adventurous person and pretty curious too. I love cooki...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 20
거주지 : 터키
I want to learn Japanese and improve my English. I want to be a translator. I like watching anime and movies, reading books, drawing. I like to learn about different cultures. I love getting friends. ...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 18
거주지 : 터키
I’m student ,I want to improve my language so I use this program. I want to make friends for improving my language and I want to recognise cultural. I don’t want to speak with perver...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 14
거주지 : 대한민국
こんにちは韓国に住んでいる中学校2年生です 同年代の方の友達の皆さん メールを送ってください 日本語は下手ですが 日本の文化などに関心が高くて勉強しています 日本に何度も行...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 16
거주지 : 인도
heloo looking for someone who can help me improve my french and teach me korean i can help you in english too also if you wanna be friends, just hit me up with a message i like to talk about life, boo...