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성별 : 남성
나이 : 22
거주지 : 터키
Hi everyoneI m Efe from Turkey .First of all I would like to talk about myself a little bit I study in Bolu Turkey and my department is Interpretation and Translation I m a man who is serious, respons...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 20
거주지 : 일본
はじめまして 日本の大学生です 将来 海外で住みたいと思っています また 世界の人たちと友達になりたいので よろしくおねがいします また 日本が好きな人話しませんか 自分は アニ...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 21
거주지 : 프랑스
Hi, i m AbyssI try to learn Korean but I need help, so I would like to have a korean penpal only I want a long friendship. Don t send me a message if you have a lot of penpals please. I love music, ci...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 13
거주지 : 아일랜드
HiMy name is Elena but please call me Ellen, i m 13 years old. I would be happy to help anyone with their English, or just to make friends and chat. If you wanna know more about me feel free to email ...
성별 : 여성
나이 : 23
거주지 : 프랑스
Hello My name is CecileI would like to correspond with people all over the world but particularly in Asia South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan .In America, Europe Italy, England, Finland. and ...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 14
거주지 : 터키
Hello, my name is Ya z. I m 14 years old. I m in middle School, 8th grade student. I m from Turkey and I love Korea so much. Everyone can text me. I hope we will good friends If you visit my website, ...
성별 : 남성
나이 : 25
거주지 : 대한민국
게임으로 중국사람과 친해져 중국말에 관심을 같게된 사람입니다 남자든 여자든 상관없습니다 저도 한국어 재밌게 알려드릴태니 어떤분이든 연락주세요 你好. 我是韩国人 任何人 请教...
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