letter from japan
2016/07/01 06:22:23
2016/10/03 16:07:28
This is the first letter I received from a friend that I found in this site. We've been friend for a year and still counting :) She is very kind so I'm glad to be her friend. I love to receive letter with small gifts like coins, keychain, candy, or any cute stuffs so if you're interested in sending this kind of mail please mail me and lets start swapping small gifts and letter♡
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Wow ^^ you're so lucky. cute stuff ^^
tabloo | 03,Oct 2016
Your friend was a gift to be long remembered over time
Over time that this gift will be Memories
What have divided the pain is referred pain in the absence of friends
However, if you got a friend like that is therefore pleased

당신의 친구는 시간이지나도 오래기억될선물을했다
시간이 흘러도 그선물은 추억이될것이다
고통이란 나누어가질 친구가없을때 고통이라한다
그러나 당신은 그런친구를 얻었다 그러므로 기뻐해도된다
rksghdnj | 07,Jul 2016