Gifts from Korean Friends
2017/02/05 01:29:31
2017/03/16 19:54:05
From a old brother, really make me happy. Thanks sunbae : )
From other friend.. We are besties.
From Sun Young, a little girl friend. She is so cute : )
and from Ju-Ye.. I try dokbokki trough her. My best friend, thanks my bestiee.
I remember that second from Ju-Ye.. Really we loved each other. She always make me happy.. :)

I sent gift pockets to all of them, we exchange our foods and cosmetics, of course cultures too.. Usually our letters was long :D

I am interested in Korean and Japan culture.. If you want to snail mail, lets write me and be friend like that.. : )
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envy you :D
dktldkrj | 16,Mar 2017
선물에 세심함이...하고 보니 당면까지 ..와우~ 암팡져요
yehf2 | 07,Feb 2017