Welcome to my Studio
2019/05/23 02:55:35
2019/06/27 16:29:01
Welcome to my studio. It's not fully professional but I hope to in the future. I've been making music for about 8-9 years already but I have not gone full out professional ever since. Yet, I hope to in the near future.
Been collecting vinyl for about 4 years already. Hope to expand it even more!
If curious, the first record I got was Enter the WuTang by The WuTang Clan.
I mostly collect Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock. Yet, I love to discover new genres as well as expand my horizons when it comes to Music knowledge.
Desktop Setup. Kind of messy but this is where most of the magic happens.
Two recent records I got, which are both Japanese. I don't want to open them since I personally feel like they are both pretty rare (but I have not checked yet since I don't know how to read Japanese).
가입 후 일정기간은 댓글을 작성하실 수 없습니다.
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interesting and success for you!
lucymar | 05,Apr 2020
음악작업실인가요 ㅇㅅㅇ?
hts8362 | 21,Feb 2020
This is awesome!! Hope you find success in the future!
biglemon | 27,Jun 2019