South Korea-Turkey Gift Exchange
2020/02/21 22:48:59
2020/05/08 20:48:35
My box's finally in Seoul!
Enjoy with your snacks dear Taek: )
'Since i can't answer all the questions about this post anymore,especially since new members can't leave comments here,i add the totality of the answers to the questions here..instead of sending me several messages.
。Between 0-2kg letter sender registered small package.
。Between 2-3kg registered normal package.
We preferred the type of shipment around 3kg.
。Delivery time depends on the distance between the two countries.
It doesn't take as long as they say.
Ours was delivered between 13/14February-20February.
。BySurface,ByAir and Express options available.The shipping fee varies accordingly.
。Tax is paid at the door based on the contents of the package.
。Products without labels and packaging are not accepted.
。The contents of the package and the dollar value of the content must be stated on the shipping paper.
。The box usually passes through customs without any problems.'

I tried to answer the questions so far.
I hope i could help u all!
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OMG... Turkey groceries??? I wanna taste ;---; it must be delicious. SOOO MANY COLORS AND FLAVORS * -- *
angekiut | 08,May 2020
They're sort of our favored snacks..
Many thanks for liking:)
Ozge-91 | 08,May 2020
Oh! There's so many chocolate!!^^
I want to gift exchange too!!^㉨^
Shamanga | 08,Apr 2020
Many thanks=)
I'm so glad u like this..
Really u should..very enjoyable!
Ozge-91 | 08,Apr 2020
Waw it looks great
I love it
ds1208 | 22,Feb 2020
Ohh i'm so glad to hear this,thank u=)
Ozge-91 | 24,Feb 2020